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To protect your business, it's critical to know the payment and credit history of the wholesalers and distributors you plan to or already work with. The good news is that you don't need to spend time tracking down this information yourself or move forward in blind faith. EMCB assembles industry-specific, to-the-minute credit information and presents the data in easy-to-read reports.

When you need credit information about a specific company(s), take advantage of EMCB’s leading-edge members-only Inquiries and Alerts to request and report information on accounts. If needed, use our customized collection services.

EMCB offers these credit reporting products and services:
Flash Inquiries & Flash Alerts
Credit Reports

Partnering with Billd®

Billd® provides enhanced terms to Contractors to purchase construction materials. We do this by partnering with Material Suppliers during the purchase process. When Material Suppliers use Billd, they eliminate the lag time between a Contractor purchasing materials and getting paid for the purchase. Billd pays Suppliers upfront and provides Contractors flexibility to pay back purchases over time.

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