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Credit Reports

For comprehensive credit information on your customers, take advantage of EMCB credit reports. These reports provide the information you need to determine if you should do business with a company or not. You'll appreciate the clean, easy-to-read format for quick, easy assessment of a company's credit standing — both past and current.

Industry-specific Credit Reports show trade payment info compiled from your competitors and peers, complete with a credit score and suggested credit limit.
Outside of Industry — Multi-bureau Credit Reports enable you to plug into our data partners' databases for banking data and public records, which include bankruptcies, judgments, liens, and UCC filings, all scored and blended into one rich report.

EMCB Credit Reports may include:

Credit Score: A weighted score based on factors such as:
How they have paid suppliers
How many years of experience
Public records such as judgments liens and bankruptcies
Credit terms (e.g. if they've been placed for collection, put on COD, have open terms, etc.)
Percent of accounts past due
Suggested credit line, based on other suppliers' credit lines or high credit balances

Past Due Graph:
A 24-month chart of historical payment information aggregated from numerous credit grantors
Current Graph:
A 24-month chart depicting current purchases aggregated from numerous credit grantors

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