Products & Services - Flash Inquiries and Flash Alerts

Flash Inquiries and Flash Alerts

Exchange real-world info on wholesalers and distributors. Hundreds of loyal members rely on this communication system to help make smart business decisions and avoid costly mistakes. You’ll save significant time and effort, not having to manually acquire and compile data.

Simple and reliable, these members-only services allow you to request information on an account and receive an email alert, as well as report on accounts via the Alerts system Both Inquiries and Alerts enable members to add comments that also appear in the reports. We require that only factual information be submitted.

Flash Inquiry: Find out what other EMCB members know about a particular company by submitting a Flash Inquiry. Your request goes to hundreds of members for their experience on any account. The system reports back to you on specifics such as Takes Discount, First Sale, Excellent Account, Prompt Pay, Satisfactory Account, 60 Days, 90 Days+, etc.

Flash Alert: report information on your accounts using the easy-to-use Flash Alert interface. Simply make selections from a menu of options such as COD, CIA, NSF, Account Closed, In Suit or Suit Filed, Write Off, Bankruptcy, or Account Closed by Supplier. Help protect and inform your peers, and further enrich our community’s always-expanding database.

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